‘TJ Loves Sally 4 Ever’ Review: It’s No Valentine

Photos by Theo Cote

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Director: Jordana de la Cruz
Assistant Director: Talia Paulette Oliveras 

“On Friday night at JACK, in Brooklyn, the audience was at a loss. At the end of James Ijames’s whip-smart satire “TJ Loves Sally 4 Ever” (which you would be wise to race to see), we in the audience waited for what felt like minutes. But there was no bow from the actors, who had already left the stage.

That’s when it sank in. The beautiful dare the show had offered us in its final lines? We were expected to take it. Or not. Either way, we had a decision to make as we left the theater — voting, with our very bodies, for the kind of future we want to see.”

Laura Collins-Hughes. February 2020.