Talia Paulette Oliveras is a Blk Latinx artist, ritual maker, community builder, theory hoe, budding herbalist, mundane afro-futurist...

What’s Ta-Nia?

Alongside their artistic soulmate, Nia Farrell, Talia also makes mork as Ta-Nia: a theatremaking duo dedicated to making Blk spaces in an Anti-Blk society.

Ta-Nia has presented work through Ars Nova’s ANT Fest, Soho Rep’s Writer/Director Lab, and Theatretreffen Stückemarkt; as the winners of that Stückemarkt, they recently premiered an original commission at Schauspiel Dortmund; they were Jerome Hill finalists as well as Space on Ryder Farm finalists; and more.

Tell me more...

Talia (she/they) is an artist of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent who build interdisciplinary, experiential, and ritualistic community spaces through the medium of theatre.

For Talia, theatre is a space of potential -- an ever-evolving “now” space -- and its qualities of presence supports Talia’s connection with their afro-indigenous ancestors. Their artistic practice is grounded in challenging theatre’s limits by unpacking its institutional and systemic history/present while (re)discovering its roots in magic, storytelling, imagination, etc.

Talia’s Credits

Individually, Talia has worked on productions in various roles with Musical Theatre Factory, Theatre Mitu (Hybrid Arts Lab), JACK, 13EXP, Mabou Mines (Suite/Space), Bushwick Starr (Big Green Theatre), BAM (Next Wave Festival), Ars Nova (ANT Fest/Makers Lab), The Public (Under the Radar), The Shed (Open Call), and more.


     T A L I A